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Michael Fujimoto




Stats: 5’11”

Degree: BS Business Management C.S.U.N.

Location: Pasadena, CA

Willing to travel


The Lost World          Business Man                                  Steven Spielberg

Speed                        Elevator Passenger                         Jan DeBont


Strange Days            Sound Man-dvd deleted scenes       Katheryn Bigelow 


Along Came Polly     Jesus Superstar Singer                    John Hamburg


Mousehunt                Japanese Businessman                   Gore Verbinski


2010 - present


2010 - present

Brand Name 1    Role Name    Director Name – AAA Productions

Brand Name 2    Role Name    Director Name – BB Productions

Brand Name 3    Role Name    Director Name – V Productions

Brand Name 4    Role Name    Director Name – F Productions

Training & Workshops

Education 1

Education 2

Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Workshop 3

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